Our Priorities

Many communities throughout the American West are working to become more prosperous, sustainable places to live—and they’re finding creative ways to do it. Simply put, they are working to become more livable.

Livable communities are those that respond strategically to the needs of their people, their environment and their economy.

Livable places are equitable places.

Our work focuses on four key pillars of community livability:

Priority: Housing

Initiative: Housing for Community

Livable communities confront their housing needs, ensuring the availability and affordability of housing choices for the people who live there.

Housing for Community

Priority: Transportation

Initiative: New Mobility West

Livable communities create transportation systems that serve all.

New Mobility West

Priority: Economy

Initiative: Place Value

Livable communities support the creation of an economy that is resilient, diverse and inclusive.

Place Value

Priority: Land Use

Initiative: Building Better Places

Livable communities build places that are authentic, connected and complete.

Building Better Places

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