The work of community building can be hard. The path forward isn’t always clear. Resources are scarce. Priorities compete. Implementation is challenging.






Nevertheless, communities are working to become stronger, more prosperous places to live—and they’re finding creative ways to do it. They are creating economies that expand opportunity and provide a more sustainable future, to build neighborhoods that are healthy, safe and affordable, to bring people together to tackle the tough problems and rebuild our civic culture.







Our training program provides local teams of stakeholders with the tools, techniques and resources required for tackling critical issues related to livability: transportation, housing, economic development, and infill & redevelopment.

Training Program

Community Assistance

We work directly with communities to spark meaningful on-the-ground progress while building local leadership that is essential for lasting change.

Assistance Program


We serve to equip local leaders with the information necessary for addressing livability and spearhead fresh new ways of thinking about old issues.

Research Program

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